Fantastic Realism

 Art Giclées

Alexej Ravski painting, woman in a couturier salon surrounded by four men, against the background of blue fabrics

At the couturier

Certified art giclee – Edition 25

Alexej Ravski painting, dormant boy holding a card

House of cards

Certified art giclee – Edition 25

Alexej Ravski painting, ballerina in a tutu with a man with a cap on his head


Certified art giclee – Edition 25

Who I am

…The world of his paintings is a lost, but not forgotten world, a world that comes true in a dream.

Sometimes a little grotesque, but always inviting to return. This is a world where time has stopped in zero gravity, where there are no laws of physics, where beings and objects are free in their manifestations. And if apples are heavier than human bodies, then this is not surprising. After all, people are driven by the inner music of love – that divine air that fills souls and tears them off the earth. And this happens without tension, without meaningful necessity, and not even because of sinlessness – no, everything is much simpler and unattainable. In a world free from suffering, flying is as natural as breathing…

Women by Alexej Ravski